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Pocket Installation Guide

10 Step Installation Guide for Stronghold ICF Blocks


This installation field guide is a condensed version of the full Stronghold ICF Installation Manual. This guide is meant as an on-site tool and reminder for the different steps involved in building a quality Stronghold ICF project. This guide is a supplement to the basic construction skills of a contractor. Stronghold ICF also offers an in-class training course as well as

on-line training videos. Stronghold Regional Sales Managers are also an invaluable resource for answering questions and assistance.


The Stronghold ICF 10-Step Pocket Installation Guide includes:

  • Steps for the Preparation & Installation of Stronghold ICF Blocks on site
  • Recommended Tools and Materials List
  • Recommended Concrete Mix
  • Pour Checklist


Access the complete Pocket Installation Guide in PDF format here...


Download the complete Product and Technical Overview in PDF format here


Get the Pocket Installation PDF here



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